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Whitehouse Canine Hydrotherapy Centre - Facilities

whitehouse canine hydrotherapy provides treatment in a relaxed and natural environment. Treatment is 'hands-on' with fully trained staff working in the water with your dog. This means that your dog's condition can be closely monitored at all times and their treatment carefully managed.

The Pool

The large, heated indoor pool means that even the largest breeds of dog can swim comfortably and gain maximum benefit from the treatment.

Access to the pool is via a non-slip ramp which avoids the use of hoists. The pool is also equipped with contra-flow jets providing additional resistance if required. The pool is heated between 28 to 30 degrees celsius and the water quality is tested regularly throughout the day.

Dogs are showered pre- and post-treatment. A warm shower pre-treatment helps to warm up the joints and muscles and acclimatises your dog to the water. Post-treatment showering is followed by a towel and/or blow dry. It is important that following hydrotherapy your dog is kept warm. We recommend use of a towelling/fleece coat. These are available from whitehouse.



Water Treadmill

clients have access to the latest in canine hydrotherapy equipment in the form of a water treadmill.

The water treadmill plays a particularly important role in post-operative rehabilitation for dogs with orthopaedic and spinal conditions, allowing for early intervention and quicker recovery times in some patients.  

It is also beneficial in the treatment of soft tissue injuries and early stage degenerative conditions. Particularly positive results with treadmill therapy are also seen in dogs with hip and elbow dysplasia, osteoarthritis and patella luxation.

In being able to alter both the depth of the water in the treadmill and the speed of the treadmill, extra resistance can be provided to further promote the use of limbs and speed up the process of rebuilding muscle mass. Often a combination of pool and treadmill therapy can be enormously beneficial.

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